Amazon S3 Demo

Hundreds of thousands of services are using Amazon S3 for storage. To accommodate the need of many of those services to encrypt data on S3 using cryptographic keys under their own control, Amazon supports different options for Bring Your Own Key (BYOK).

Leveraging the option where the Amazon S3 customer is in full control, we have build a plugin which allows you to encrypt data stored on Amazon S3 in a very simple manner. To showcase this solution, a demo in Java is available for download. If you are familiar with Java, you should be up and running with encrypted data on S3 in just a few minutes.

Once you have played around with the demo a bit, you will see how easy it is to encrypt data you store on Amazon S3 using keys under your own control. This shows how straight-forward it is to realise Key-and-Lock-Separation pattern using Sepior KMaaS.


Of course, this is just a demo, and the keys you will be using are controlled by us, Sepior, and not you. To gain full control is very simple: all you need to do is to sign up for your Sepior KMaaS.

To learn more, check out our documentation on