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An Introduction to Threshold Signature Wallets With MPC

Cryptography is a primary means of protecting digital information, typically through encryption. In modern cryptography, the algorithms are standardized and well known but the keys are secret. Many algorithms are so advanced that even the most powerful computers cannot defeat them. So, hackers focus on stealing the secret keys instead. Therefore, the effectiveness of protecting data through cryptography is primarily dependent on maintaining secrecy of the cryptographic keys.  

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Are Threshold Signatures Really More Secure Than MultiSig? 

I was informally chatting with the security architect for a major financial services company earlier this week and he candidly asked “are threshold signatures really more secure than MultiSig or is it just a more effective way of achieving the same level of security?” As we continued the discussion I realized it was a really important question that I hadn’t addressed directly enough in our discussion about cryptocurrency wallet security.  

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