Threshold Cryptography With MPC

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Security Optimized For Today’s Distributed Applications and Services

Sepior’s threshold cryptographic technology is highly adaptable and can be used for a wide range of cryptographic security functions such as encryption key management, high integrity digital signing, and more. Below are our current primary product categories. Feel free to contact us if you have another use case which can materially benefit from a fully distributed, MPC-based threshold cryptography solution.

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Blockchain Data Protection & Privacy Control

Threshold KMS

Sepior™ Threshold KMS delivers compelling off-chain key management solutions to control the privacy and security of data and transactions on permissioned blockchains (e.g. Ethereum). Works with any blockchain technology for maximum flexibility, scale and interoperability!

Digital Asset Wallets & Exchange Security

Threshold Signatures

Sepior™ ThresholdSig provides industry leading security for digital asset wallets and exchanges, as well as permissioned blockchains. It provides the industry’s most secure multiparty approval with substantial security and operational benefits over MultiSig.

Multi-Cloud Security With Optional BYOK

Threshold KMaaS

Sepior™ KMaaS is a native cloud-based key management as a service which is available to cloud service providers as a white labeled service. With support for BYOK across multi-cloud networks, it’s a compelling alternative to traditional key management services.