Sepior provides Key Management-as-a-Service in a purely cloud-based fashion. Sepior KMaaS leverages its patent-pending technology to offer strong security while maintaining the cost and ease-of-use found in cloud services.



Trust model

Sepior KMaaS distributes keys across a cluster of 3 or more Key Servers hosted at different Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Sepior and Amazon S3 can only see encrypted data. An attacker must compromise at least 2 KeyServers to compromise the system.We currently support the following CSPs:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS),
  • Digital Ocean,
  • Rackspace,

and are adding more to this list.

(Notice that In the free trial you can only launch KeyServers on AWS.)



Try it for free


Sepior KMaaS pricing starts at $99/month per application with unlimited keys. Please contact us for your specific application or use case

Free trial

For a limited period of time Sepior KMaaS is available as a free trial. Sign up now and get started today!

For further details please consult our support.