Threshold Cryptography Products For The Real World


Sepior has patented essential techniques to implement advanced threshold cryptographic solutions for emerging online services. The same underlying technology can be purposed to address a wide range of use cases and associated market needs.

Currently, Sepior offers the following threshold-cryptography products:

  • Sepior™ ThresholdSig, Wallet Security

  • Sepior™ Threshold KMaaS, White Label Service for CSPs

Other Threshold Cryptography Products?

  • Do you have a need for threshold cryptographic solutions for other use cases, such as blockchain privacy or others? Let us know, as we may be able to assist you.


Sepior ThresholdSig

Sepior is redefining the gold standard for cryptocurrency wallet security with the introduction of Sepior™ ThresholdSig.

  • Institutional-grade wallet security

  • Advanced security using multiple signatures

  • Operational simplicity of a single key

  • Up to 2X the transaction capacity, per block, versus MultiSig approved transactions

    • Potential for higher mining prioritization

    • Potential for lower transaction fees

  • t (threshold) of n signature control for flexible approvals and key share recovery

  • Ability to add/delete approvers off-chain, without generating a new key

  • No on-chain broadcast of policies or changes for greater privacy and security

  • Dramatically reduced potential for key theft by never producing a whole key on any device, at any time.


Sepior Threshold KMaaS

Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and access of customer data stored in cloud services is important for any Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Giving customers more control, with cost-effective key management as a service (KMaaS) will be an increasingly important metric for customers. Sepior™ Threshold KMaaS is a white label KMaaS that makes it easy, and cost-effective for CSPs to offer KMaaS to subscribers.

  • KMaaS can be provided using hardware security modules (HSMs), but with substantial costs and operational complexity. And customers must trust that the CSP will not exploit their control of the HSM/key for unauthorized purposes, including warrant compliance.

  • Threshold KMaaS, a white label service available to CSPs, provides the option to easily integrate and offer HSM-like KMaaS, without the cost or complexity of procuring, managing, scaling, and maintaining HSMs.

  • Threshold KMaaS supports multiple operational models:

    • Threshold KMaaS as a fully managed service, or

    • Customer hosted BYOK service for key management across one or multiple CSP clouds.

  • Threshold KMaaS uses multiparty computation (MPC) to enable three or more VM’s, hosted in one or multiple clouds, to collectively function as a distributed, virtual HSM (dvHSM), for high availability KMaaS, without the cost or complexity of deploying redundant HSMs

  • Cloud-native integration makes Threshold KMaaS a seamless extension to your existing SaaS services

  • Unlike conventional HSM’s, Threshold KMaaS servers never create a whole key on any key server, at any time, dramatically reducing the potential for key theft.