Real World Solutions For Next Gen Online Services

Industry adoption of blockchain based applications and more conventional online services is unleashing breakthrough innovation across countless industries. These innovations are pushing the boundaries of technology across all fronts, not the least of which is security with effective key management.

Regulatory compliance is well defined in certain areas, particularly regarding health and financial data. However, regulators have not kept pace with the rate of change of technology. The scope and depth regulations regarding blockchains and cryptocurrencies are yet to be determined.

Sepior’s industry leading implementations of threshold cryptography address the critical needs of current and rapidly emerging use cases by addressing the architectural and operational aspects which make these services different from the past. They also serve as a platform, with an advanced level of granular control and off-chain constructs making it easier to adapt to future regulatory requirements as they emerge.


Threshold Signature Wallet Security

Cryptocurrencies operate in a world of anonymity and indelible ledgers, making transactions non-reversible and security more important than ever.

  • MultiSig is the former gold standard for wallet security, requiring multiple parties to each sign off on transactions, each using their own key.

  • ThresholdSig is the new gold standard for wallet security, supporting multiple signature functionality, with a single virtual key that never exists as a whole key on any device. The result is the best available security, with increased blockchain transaction density for lower cost, and increased agility to navigate evolving regulations.


Threshold KMaaS For CSPs

Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and access of customer data stored in cloud services is important for any SaaS or MSSP offering. Giving customers more control, with cost-effective key management as a service (KMaaS) will be an increasingly important requirement.

  • KMaaS can be provided using hardware security modules (HSMs), but with substantial costs and operational complexity. And customers must trust that the CSP will not exploit their control of the HSM for unauthorized purposes, including warrant compliance.

  • Threshold KMaaS, a white label service available to CSPs, gives SaaS and MSSP providers the option to easily integrate and offer HSM-like KMaaS, without the cost or complexity of procuring, managing, and maintaining HSMs. It also provides the option for the CSP to offer KMaaS as a fully managed service, allow customers to host their own BYOK service, or use that BYOK service for multi-cloud key management.