Encryption key management

Sepior's world-renowned experts in cryptography have invented the essential protocols required for a practical virtual KMS levering secure multi-party computation (MPC). Download the 'Introduction to Sepior Key Management as a Service (KMaaS)' white paper to understand how Sepior uniquely provides client-side encryption and key management that is 100% cloud-based without compromising on security.


Pure-Cloud solution

Sepior is a pure cloud-based service that provides key management with cryptographic security and without any single trusted third party. Sepior enables cryptographic security by ensuring that: A. Keys are generated using proper randomness and B. Keys are controlled by authorized users only. It means that Sepior’s solution retains the convenience and agility of cloud services, while offering security levels as high as those offered by physical gateway-based encryption solutions.


World-leaders within MPC

Our solution is made possible through the application of Multiparty Computation (MPC). MPC is a cryptographic technology that allows a number of parties to compute on encrypted data. The founders of Sepior have been at the frontier of R&D, implementation and commercial use of MPC for years. Chief cryptographer in Sepior is Professor Ivan B. Damgård, winner of the prestigious RSA Award for Excellence in the Field of Mathemathics in 2015 and fellow of the IACR (International Association for Cryptologic Research) since 2010.


Encryption key management

Sepior solves the fundamental problem for any SaaS-provider/company that wants to encrypt its cloud data: Sepior allows you to retain full access control to encryption keys while making the same keys accessible to users on any device at any time. And even more importantly: With Sepior, neither the SaaS-provider nor Sepior itself has access to the encryption keys, thereby offering a very strong security model for cloud encryption.


Security model

MPC allows us to introduce cryptographic security as a pure cloud based solution by mathematically splitting the cryptographic keys in a number of parts in the custody of different cloud service providers. Using the tailored MPC protocols these cloud providers can then jointly perform re-encryption and other necessary functions. To compromise the security of the system an attacker would have to successfully compromise the majority of these simultaneously.


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