Sepior Threshold KMS

Off-Chain Privacy Control For High Performance, Interoperable Blockchain Applications


Sepior’s Threshold KMS Blockchain Privacy Control introduces a powerful new tool to efficiently manage confidentiality and privacy of permissioned blockchain data and applications accessed by authorized participants. Using the latest threshold cryptographic techniques, including multiparty computation (MPC) Sepior™ Threshold KMS delivers advanced ledger security and privacy control, with industry leading granularity and interoperability, while maximizing blockchain performance and scale.

One minute video introducing Sepior Threshold KMS which provides off-chain privacy control for blockchain applications.

Sepior Threshold KMS provides fine-grained privacy control in a simple to implement and highly interoperable off-chain manner. Implementation off-chain allows a common security and privacy control solution across different blockchain technologies to maximize interoperability with other systems and future blockchain technologies. Simple and consistent, off-chain approaches such as Threshold KMS yield better security as well as interoperability.

The control to content access may be defined per user on a per document or smart contract level, or to the level of specific fields or objects within the application. The result is an agile privacy control solution with industry leading key availability, and minimum complexity and cost.

Sepior™ Threshold KMS works with virtually any blockchain technology, using the latest threshold cryptography techniques. Key management policies are fully defined and implemented off-chain, for administrative and operational simplicity.

Sepior’s patented threshold cryptographic approach, using MPC, allows n number of Threshold KMS services to run on separate virtual machines that may be hosted across multiple data centers or clouds to provide maximum system resiliency. These systems use MPC to confirm that at least m (a definable threshold) of these Threshold KMS services are available for MPC to produce keys used by each authorized blockchain participant to access content, without ever having a whole key exist on any virtual key management server.

The result is that Sepior’s Threshold KMS approach:

  • Maximizes fine-grained privacy control for distributed trust across multiple organizations

  • Eliminates the need for hardware security modules (HSMs)

  • Supports unlimited scale and high availability using the cloud

  • Maximizes interoperability with an off-chain implementation

Sepior Threshold KMS review of features and benefits for blockchain privacy control.


Flexible Multiparty Transaction Approvals With Decentralized Trust

Many permissioned blockchains also require secure digital signatures for transaction and smart contract approvals. Sepior ThresholdSig adds this capability, allowing multiple party approval support. The approvers may be different levels of approvers within one company, or approvers from multiple different companies. Sepior ThresholdSig extends the blockchain concept of decentralized trust to transaction signing by eliminating any administrator or other central party to have visibility to and control over the key shares used by the respective parties to approve transactions. Learn more about decentralized trust for transaction signing from this Sepior blog.

Be sure to checkout Sepior ThresholdSig to learn more about secure, multiparty transaction signing, with decentralized trust

Maximize Your Blockchain Security and Privacy Control Today!

Sepior™ Threshold KMS is available to blockchain application developers and blockchain as a service infrastructure providers through technology licensing agreements. Sepior will provide the enabling software, toolkits, and licenses for you to customize your implementation of Threshold KMS security services.

Sepior™ Threshold KMS consists of:

  • n instances of Threshold KMS Services running in VMs

  • Management portal, an application specific web portal

  • SDKs for the relevant languages, including smart contract languages

  • Plugins or connectors when required (i.e., Hyperledger Fabric)

  • Optional secure transaction signing


Threshold KMS

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