Webinar: Threshold Signatures - Elevating Cryptocurrency Wallet Security

Description: Below are two video options; a 9 minute introduction to Threshold Signatures, or a more comprehensive 35 minute presentation with Q&A. Both videos include brief demonstrations of a 3 of 3 party ThresholdSig wallet in action.

These videos review the historic losses of cryptocurrency due to thefts, considerations with conventional security practices, and the role of Threshold Signatures to create virtually hack-proof wallets.


9 minute introduction to Threshold Signatures with multiparty computation (MPC) to materially increase the security of conventional single signature and multisig cryptocurrency wallets.


This 35 minute video is a recording of a Sepior hosted webinar on Threshold Signatures and their role in elevating cryptocurrency security. The webinar provides a baseline review of cryptocurrency thefts through 2018, the role of signature schemes in securing cryptocurrencies, and provides a comparison of single signatures, multisignatures (MultiSig), and Threshold Signatures (ThresholdSig). It then provides a demonstration of threshold signature approved transactions and and example of how a 3 of 3 ThresholdSig scheme can prevent cryptocurrency thefts that would be vulnerable if secured by a 2 of 3 MultiSig security alternative.