Transact With Trust Using Threshold Cryptography

Revolutionary Threshold Key Management Solutions For Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Cloud Service providers


Threshold Cryptographic Key Management Solutions With MPC

Sepior’s threshold cryptographic systems using multiparty computation (MPC) provide industry leading key management services with greater security, resilience, and agility - enabling application and service providers, their partners and customers to Transact with Trust!

  • Trust in Confidentiality

  • Trust in Integrity

  • Trust in Availability


Navigate Evolving Regulatory Environments With Threshold Agility

Sepior’s threshold cryptographic systems provide a platform to navigate existing and future regulatory requirements for maximum simplicity and agility.

  • Privacy (GDPR, HIPPA)

  • Financial (PCI-DSS, Crypto…)


Are Your Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, And Cloud Services Secure?

Online systems such as private blockchains, cryptocurrency exchange wallets, and conventional cloud services place critical data in vulnerable environments. And it’s not just your data, increasingly your systems will host critical data for your partners and customers as well.

Encryption provides excellent data security. It’s virtually impossible for a hacker to break the code of today’s advanced encryption algorithms. The far greater risk is that someone steals the key used to encrypt and decrypt data, allowing them to fake your signature, or decrypt and steal digital assets.

Can all parties trust that the keys and therefore the digital assets under your control are secure?


Flawed Security Models Undermine Encryption Integrity

A fundamental problem with conventional encryption models is the assumption of an ideal environment. It’s assumed that cryptographic computations will be executed without interference, and the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data are available and kept secure.

For these systems it’s assumed that no side channels exist to leak secret keys, and no attacks will alter computations to corrupt the keys or render systems unavailable. But in the real world, those risks exist.

Will your key management system protect data in the presence of real world risks?


Threshold Cryptography For Sustainable Security In The Real World

Hackers or rogue users will, on occasion, violate one or more of the security defenses used by your company, a partner, or a customer accessing your online services or systems. When these events occur, you can trust that Sepior’s threshold cryptographic solutions will protect your keys with the highest level of security available, and with dramatically lower cost and complexity than conventional key management solutions.

Sepior is setting new benchmarks for online security with threshold cryptographic systems that remain available and fully functioning in real world conditions. This exciting new field of cryptography incorporates multiparty computation (MPC) to eliminate the dependency on any single device or a single trusted third party.

Sepior’s threshold cryptography establishes trust through consensus across multiple parties, enabling trust even if one, or possibly more, of the participants is compromised. The result is encryption key management with a higher level of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, than is practically achievable with conventional alternatives – especially when considering the risks present in the real world.

Sepior provides encryption key management technologies and solutions that remain effective - even when encountering the harsh realities of the real world.


Real World Apps Require Real World Key Management Security

Every online system hosting confidential data should employ some level of encryption with key management. For many applications, a basic level of security is sufficient. However for others applications, data confidentiality, integrity, and availability are mission critical and thus require advanced levels of key management security. Some examples include: 

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Other Providers of Institutional Grade Crypto Wallets

  • Cryptocurrency is a hot and rapidly evolving market. The stakes for continuously secure wallet services are paramount, however bitcoin thefts totaling billions of dollars have occurred across multiple exchanges. In most cases, these losses are attributed at least in part to insufficient key management for wallet security. Find out how Sepior’s Threshold Signature (ThresholdSig) wallet security sets new industry benchmarks for cryptocurrency wallet security.

Private and Permission Based Blockchains Facilitating Smart Contracts

  • Blockchain technologies are rapidly moving toward more conventional business use cases, and will increasingly incorporate smart contracts to automate the recording of business activities with indelible ledgers. Find out how Sepior’s Threshold Key Management System (Threshold KMS) blockchain security is unleashing the potential of blockchain with more granular and flexible control over who has visibility to specific fields of information on the chain.

Cloud Service Providers Offering Fully Managed KMaaS and Multi-Cloud BYOK

  • CSPs are under increasing pressure to provide affordable, scalable, and effective key management services to equip subscribers with the level of control they desire for managing security of their cloud assets.  Find out how Sepior’s Threshold Key Management as a Service (Threshold KMaaS) and Threshold Bring Your Own Key (Threshold BYOK) white label services can give your cloud-hosted service a competitive edge.