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Sepior’s KMaaS is the industry’s first true zero-trust cloud-native Key Management System that delivers cryptographic quality encryption and does not rely on hardware appliances or on any single service provider. Sepior enables businesses to retain full control over the encryption keys used by their cloud service providers while benefiting from the unparalleled scalability, availability, flexibility, and SaaS-economics of a pure-cloud KMS.


Pure-Cloud Solutions

Sepior is a pure cloud-based service that provides key management with cryptographic security and without any single trusted third party. Sepior enables cryptographic security by ensuring that: A. Keys are generated using proper randomness and B. No server ever sees the entire key.


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World-leaders within MPC

Our solution is made possible through the application of Multiparty Computation (MPC). MPC is a cryptographic technology that allows a number of parties to compute on encrypted data. The founders of Sepior have been at the frontier of R&D, implementation and commercial use of MPC for years. 

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